Are you looking to run Shadow Fight 3 on PC? then you have come to the right place. On this page, you can download and install Shadow Fight 3 for PC (Windows or MAC). It's not all that hard when you know how to.

The Shadow Fight 3 is a game that every RPG fan has been waiting for for a long time. The 3rd version of the game has created chaos among the fans on a whole different level. However, the game is deserving as it has tons of features that the average RPG can’t have. Also, the gameplay of shadow fight 3 is intense. Apart from that, the graphics and sound effects are mesmerizing as well.


The gameplay of Shadow Fight 3 is unique from all the RPGs out there. Firstly, no other game will allow you to enjoy three clans, three world views, and three different fighting styles. Learning these three fighting styles becomes essential to collect the weapons and challenge the strongest warriors. The world is on the edge of an epic war, and the only thing you can do is destroy the enemies with your super abilities and strategic fights to revive the world.

Hero Battles

The game allows you to create your combat style. Also, make sure you explore various kinds of fighting styles of each of the three clans in this RPG. Whether you want your hero to battle against the most potent warrior as a cunning ninja or a mighty knight, it is entirely up to you.

Story Completion

There are tons of warriors in the game who are waiting for you to come and destroy the world boss with your superpowers and powerful influence. Hence, it is inevitable for you to complete the story by choosing the right clan and fighting in the actual battleground.

Skills Enhancing

The RPG indeed allows you to use your mind on a whole different level. Hence, if you are good at decision-making and strategy building, there could not be a better platform than showing off such skills.

Tons of Events

The game organizes a plethora of events frequently. In these regular themed events, you can be rewarded with rare skins, colors, weapons, and various vehicles as well. Also, some of the new and powerful enemies will be waiting for you to crush. But, make sure you use your superpowers and warriors to destroy them.

Thrilling Visuals

The 3D graphics of the game has something unique in it. The colorful scenery and realistic RPG combat animations can rival console games as well.

Shadow Fight 3 screenshot for PC

How to Play Shadow Fight 3 on PC

emulator icon

Select an emulator. Please check the system requirements of the software.

windows mac icon

Download, install and run the one-time emulator software setup on your PC or MAC.

google play store icon

Install Google Play Store app and search for Shadow Fight 3 to install OR follow the next step

Shadow Fight 3 PC

Download the Shadow Fight 3 APK file and drag it into the emulator to install the app.

You are all done, now go ahead and open Shadow Fight 3 on your PC and enjoy playing on the bigger screen.

How to Run Shadow Fight 3 on PC without Emulator

Are you concerned that your system resources are running low? Maybe you can't afford to load another program onto your hard drive. If that's the case, then an emulator is not the best option. You should, instead, consider running games from your browser.

Again, this is a simple enough procedure.

ARC Welder
  • You do need to have Google Chrome, and Arc Welder extension installed. Inside Arc Welder Enable Google Chrome extension.
  • Download Shadow Fight 3 APK
  • Open Arc Welder and click on Add your APK, then browse Shadow Fight 3 .APK file you just downloaded.
  • After you have completed the basic settings, click Test to run the Shadow Fight 3 app.

The advantage of doing things this way is that it doesn't clog up space on your hard drive. It also means being able to access your games just by signing into your Chrome account.

You will need a high-speed Internet connection to make this work for you. If you don't, the buffering might drive you nuts.