Are you looking to run Super Mario Run on PC? then you have come to the right place. On this page, you can download and install Super Mario Run for PC (Windows or MAC). It's not all that hard when you know how to.

The days are gone when you have to have a big TV and expensive gaming setup to enjoy the masterpiece games. Now, everything is at your fingertips. Hence, the Super Mario Run is the game that will let you feel nostalgia. It has been one of the most loved games by gamers, and now it has taken entry to the mobile game. But, the essence of the game has remained the same. The game has come up with an enhanced user interface, unique graphics, exciting gameplay. Apart from that, there are tons of new features that you should not miss out on at any cost.


The game allows you to take control of the legendary Mario. The princess castle is in trouble, and all you need to do is escape. Run through the game's various levels and collect as many coins as you can on the journey. Furthermore, there will be a lot of obstacles on your way, such as creatures, hills, water, etc. However, it would help if you collected power-ups as well to reach the castle safely.

Not a Typical Mario Game

The mobile version of the Legendary Mario game is entirely different, and there are various changes that you need to be familiar with before playing it. Mario always runs to the right, even if you don't do anything. On the way to Mario's journey, there will be some obstacles that you need to tackle.

Kingdom Builder

Join various structures and improvements to make your extraordinary realm. There are more than 100 sorts of things in Kingdom Builder mode. If you get more Toads in Toad Rally, the number of structures and improvements accessible will increment. With the assistance of the amicable Toads, you can step by step develop your realm.

Remix 10

This mode is Super Mario Run in reduced down explodes! You'll play through 10 short courses consistently, with the courses changing each time you play. Daisy is lost someplace in Remix 10, so attempt to clear however many classes as you can to track down her!


The game has tons of prizes and surprising rewards for you. Hence, to collect such tips, it is mandatory to complete certain levels. So, what are you waiting for? Join the real action game and feel nostalgic.

Super Mario Run screenshot for PC

How to Play Super Mario Run on PC

emulator icon

Select an emulator. Please check the system requirements of the software.

windows mac icon

Download, install and run the one-time emulator software setup on your PC or MAC.

google play store icon

Install Google Play Store app and search for Super Mario Run to install OR follow the next step

Super Mario Run PC

Download the Super Mario Run APK file and drag it into the emulator to install the app.

You are all done, now go ahead and open Super Mario Run on your PC and enjoy playing on the bigger screen.

How to Run Super Mario Run on PC without Emulator

Are you concerned that your system resources are running low? Maybe you can't afford to load another program onto your hard drive. If that's the case, then an emulator is not the best option. You should, instead, consider running games from your browser.

Again, this is a simple enough procedure.

ARC Welder
  • You do need to have Google Chrome, and Arc Welder extension installed. Inside Arc Welder Enable Google Chrome extension.
  • Download Super Mario Run APK
  • Open Arc Welder and click on Add your APK, then browse Super Mario Run .APK file you just downloaded.
  • After you have completed the basic settings, click Test to run the Super Mario Run app.

The advantage of doing things this way is that it doesn't clog up space on your hard drive. It also means being able to access your games just by signing into your Chrome account.

You will need a high-speed Internet connection to make this work for you. If you don't, the buffering might drive you nuts.